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LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes [WBFS] (S7AEWR) {NTSC} [wiiGM]
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2012-06-16 01:38:37 GMT
HobbitGamez Trusted


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[S7AEWR] LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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Do you mind seeding some? thanks
Thanks Alot
is there an iso torrent? i cant but wbfs on my HD for some reason it never works + i work on mac so i dont think there is a wbfs to iso converter for it so anyone have link to iso torrent?
How do you not have the most downloaders I love you but can you and the other people please seed because the download is taking for ever
work like a champ thanx
that someone should open their seed is as usal to ask to much of all the retards downloading from TPB I reckon......

You just have to understand the thought of P2P....give as much as you "take".
very simple and everybody gets happy....

Pople love when its free, but they are to greedy to share......
@shirepirate thx dude this made my day :D now i have a lego game to play after studying :D god i'm in search for a life
works perfectly smooth! even on a pal wii wich is weird that it didnt give me an error like cod did + THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! EVERYONE MUST PLAY THIS i mean the free roam is mehh but i didnt play this for the free roam its just a nice addition like having hogwarts in lego HP. but stealing random cars is so much fun!!! it is always nighttime though thats what bugs me but turn your brightness up a notch and it looks like its dawn :D

wat a rant but hey this game is amazing! and i didnt even get to play as anyone else then batman and robin yet so i'm gonna enjoy this over the summer :D

thx for the upload

Thats the 1st one -_-
2.4 kb/s....
Could someone please change their seeding parameters to give away more than 1 kb/s...

Noone seems to know the full meaning of torrentsites.. Its about sharing !!!!!
Not "hit'n'run" as seems to be default by all underdeveloped tenegers without a real life here !

Fucking twats !!!!!
Need this, BUT the PAL-version. Does anyone know where I can find it?
No problems with the seeding. Took me less than five minutes to get this. Many thanks to everybody who seeds and specially to HobbitGamez for uploading this.
use a program called wiu (probably 1.1) to convert to pal/ntsc and remove updates
note - this is WBFS format.. worthless to those with WBFS Manager to Hard Drive formats.

you mean like it says in the title and description? Well IMAGINE that :D

you can put this on a hard drive without converting, i've said it a hundred times, blah blah blah, do some research or lurk moar plz kthxbai
This may sound stupid but is there a program
i can use for winxp that will scrub down my existing iso's (which take up a ton of space) into wbfs format? I've been googling around and can't get a solid answer. I keep all my games on my HDD and then transfer them to flash drives when I want to play them. (can't afford a dedicated external for the wii right now.) It just seems like there should be a program where I drag and drop in an iso and it spits out a scrubbed wbfs file. I could then get rid of the iso and hold on to the smaller wbfs'. Any help is appreciated.

Wii Game Manager does this
I've had the game freeze in the same spot twice now... its right after you beat the joker robot guy! curious to know if anyone else had this problem...
This works perfectly fine. Thanks for the upload HobbitGamez :D
Used Wii Backup Manager Build 78 to Put it onto my Hard DRive.

Wii Softmod 4.1U | D2X v6 cIOS | Priiloader v0.6 | USB Loader GX 2.2 (r1100)
I downloaded this for my nephew to play on his wii & I was wondering if someone can tell me if I make an iso image of this file & burn it on a blank dvd,will it work on his wii system?