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Just Dance [MULTI5][WII-Scrubber][USA]
Games > Wii
4.12 GiB (4421050619 Bytes)
2009-12-27 14:31:27 GMT
webchella VIP

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Just Dance [MULTI5][WII-Scrubber]

Plataforma: WII
Idioma: Español,English,French,Italian,German
Formato: ISO
Tamaño: 4.12 GB


¡Diviértete con Just Dance y vive una auténtica experiencia bailando! Just Dance te da la oportunidad de experimentar todos aquellos bailes que siempre te hubiesen gustado perfeccionar. Coge el Wiimote y siéntete como una auténtica estrella de la pista: sigue y diviértete con auténticas coreografías y marca todos los puntos. ¡Reta a tres amigos y comparte un momento divertido! Baila las canciones más famosas e inolvidables de cada década. Siente el ritmo y mueve tu cuerpo con cada estilo, desde Disco hasta Rock. 


Can you M.F.'s please seed this shit!? This game kicks ass and I have been waitin' damn near 2 days for this shit!! If your gonna D/L it you might as well share it people!! Thank you, That is all...
dont complain 2 days is ultra fast for me my line only supports 2meg and takes about 3 days+ for any game. will comment on perfomance sometime next week dl started 16:02 14/3/10
Why do people come back screaming to seed on every single torrent? The ones that DL and move on will not come back to read it anyway. And why is it so hard to understand that "leachers" are people that are seeding but haven't gotten 100% yet? I know the word also means those who DL then don't seed, but come on.
Also people are so spoiled whining that its taking 2 days to get a game for free. If you are that impatient go buy it. It takes me 2-3 week to DL a torrent of this size on my 512k DSL.
At least he didn't also whine that the description wasn't in english...
So this only works on PAL?
My two little nieces will love this! Thanks Webchella
cheers man!
How do I play this at my Nintendo Wii? And how do I know which type of Nintendo Wii mine is?